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Farr Well- He's Got a Gun

Illustrated in vivid context Farr Well directs a visual album narrated as a conversation all-too common for many. Lace up the off whites for this joint, and take a ride down West Broadway.

North side resembles a cascade of light beams, energy that carries from it's community to surrounding cities. It serve as a vehicle and hub for many who pull resources from the community, and draw from it's pulse. As the members of the city work to reclaim the less-than three mile radius the stinging poverty and America's opioid crisis ring hymns alongside church bells, red and blue lights, and street lights. The nearly six month frost carry across the totality of the summer until it gets too hot to bear the bullets from their slumber. This reality became an introspective path communicated through bars and breath.

Far from Murderapplous, but close  as the Bde Maka Ska, Farr Well draws from the experiences of his village and members of the Twin Cities with conceptual pieces like Black Man's Car and MARIA SHAKTI, Featuring Hip Hop pioneer Truth Maze, challenging the chronicles of experience with wisdom. Also taking the opportunity to challenge industry standards and outlook with songs like Industry Made Me Do It, and Cardi B's Revenge. Calling out almost to reminisce the spirit of Aztek the MC comes with hard lines from hard times on SAFE CODE featuring three of the upcoming scene's freshest out Vinny Crook$, LMNOP & ???. One of the best combos heard from the Twin Cities has to be producer Katrah-Quey and Farr Well, with the complimentary bravado cadance alongside the low-fi excellence of classic Hip Hop production. Interludes By Those Who Carr guide the context of the album alongside artwork by Lowend. Additional features from Rich Garvey and Deeq, all encompass footsteps of those trotting upon the Twin Cities map.

Farr Well represents as one of the strong stand-out artists of our generation from Minneapolis. As he uncovers another chapter in his voyage we are reminded of the layers peeled back in his work. But as he has said he is only starting to find himself, feeling as if the paint is just drying.