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King Kamaal- Crown Music (Album)

Southside Chicago MC King Kamaal has had a busy 2019! Kicking off his second solo release of the year Crown Music offers mature perspective with a twist. Features from Nikki McKnight, Arson Da Rebel, KPW, the West Coast legend Daz Dillinger, and Morrison Machiavelli.

The progression of the album is smooth and clean with an original flair and style offered in each tune. Crash (feat. Nikki McKnight) provides a reflection on identity and social constructs with two generations of Chi-city insight. All Night (feat. Daz Dillinger) and Us (feat. Kpw) both offer black culture with a G-Funk meets Outkast feel. The song opens with an ode to clarity from the Pharaomones duo with Smoke and Mirrors (feat. Morrison Machiavelli).

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