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Tyler, The Creator- IGOR

The New album IGOR by Tyler, The Creator is probably not what you expected, wait… maybe it is. As unpredictable as the Hawthorn Hip Hop artist is his level of creativity is always soaring. This album is definitely no exception.

A little poetry and abstract lyricisms coats the heavily produced songs. Refreshing sample and synth heavy the songs combine modern and traditional elements of Hip Hip and soul. As the years go on it seems Tyler becomes more experimental as an overall musician and less of a rapper. Songs like the ballad RUNNING OUT OF TIME flips conventional song structure inside-out almost self-mockingly in context of the lyrics. EARFQUAKE featuring Frank Ocean introduces a lovable 808 separated by light electronic elements, chimes, all the bells and whistles included (literally). There’s still plenty of bars though, although this album is much more vibe driven. WHAT’S GOOD makes a circus of sound accompanied by hard body flows. As a conceptual album I believe Tyler is showing us that he has broken wide-open the shell of his artistic presence. IGOR seems to represent a certain entitlement to ego defined within his music that he is willing to step away from.

Although Bieber and Rhianna both reportedly turned down EARFQUAKE it's still a certified banger. Contributions by Frank Ocean, Playboi Carti, the formerly "retired" Lil Uzi Vert, Al Green, and more. For many– including myself– this album is to-date the favorite thus far. Check it out for yourself!